Train for the demands of your sport/profession

  “Train With A Purpose” ™


Focus on the individual first, build a complete career based training plan around them based on accomplishing goals and objectives.

Who is most suited to this approach?

All athletes and professionals that have other than normal physical demands placed upon them in order to compete or complete assignments.

Mature and/or mature-minded individuals regardless of age, who can work at a high level mentally, physically, intellectually, and emotionally as part of a team to develop an individual, career-focused, multi-disciplined plan which takes a holistic approach to physical preparation.

Athletes/Individuals ready to evolve their preparation and lay the foundations in areas that will lead to a higher training IQ and understanding from which to improve physical and overall performance.


A. Be able to communicate regularly.

B. Must be available for assessment and testing

as scheduled or required.

C. Be open minded and able to adapt.

Developmental Athletes and/or those below the age of 18 must have parent/guardian involvement with the process.

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